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Cues and Tips to Improve your Bench Press

The Bench Press is definitely a FOUNDATIONAL Movement as it pertains to the basic movement patterns but it is far from just "basic."

Remember its a FULL Body Lift

Even though it is just a "chest exercise" it is definitely important to have full body engagement. Bring the tension from the ground up through the glutes driving your knees out.

Scaps Down and Back

Cue those scaps down and back to keep the tension on the chest and not on the shoulders.

Break the Bar

As the bar descends and ascends try to break the bar creating tension on the back and chest as you move the bar, if you are doing Bench Press for Hypertrophy things "spread and squeeze" and not just up and down.

Shoulder Mobility

Do not overlook your shoulder mobility as that is very important to be prepped for the lift but also make sure to not go overboard and enter into the land of fatigue.

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